How Our Company Works

Sytec Corporation is one of the leading distributors of high quality cables and wires products, as well as structured cabling components in the Philippines. Since its establishment in 1997, the company engaged in providing integrated circuit chips, power transistors, various cables and wires, as well as a wide variety of spare parts for many electronic products. It has gone a long way earning the trust of many of its customers which include the manufacturing and trading industries.

The reputation of Sytec Corporation in the market was well recognized and in 1999, it was given exclusive distributorship of Mospec® (Taiwan) Power Transistors, which is used for the manufacture of electrical transformers and voltage regulators. Another brand Taiwanese manufacturer, Lynnks®, also made the company a sole distributor of its General Purpose Relays, which were used in a wide variety of electronic equipment.

As market factors changed, Sytec Corporation shifted its focus that eventually led it to concentrate on supplying Belden® Electronic Cables and Wires sourced from the U.S.A. With profound success and a new reputation, the company became an official, Authorized Distributor of Belden® Cables and Wires in the Philippines. The solid business relationship with Belden continues to this day with Sytec carrying a wide range of Belden® products that include cables for Broadcast, Security, Fire Alarm and Detection, Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, Computer Networks and more. Aside from a wide range of cables, the Company also adapted to Belden’s expansion of product lines, which led the Company to also carry Structured Cabling Solutions, Broadcast-grade Connectors and other accessories.

As authorized distributor of Belden® products, Sytec lives up to its commitment of providing high quality products in the most cost-effective and efficient way. The company earned the trust of many major clients, which include broadcast giants ABS-CBN Corporation and GMA Network, Inc. Along with them are real-estate developers like Century Limitless Corporation, Megaworld Corporation, SMDC and other reputable developers. Other major clients include banks, factories, commercial establishments and more. Sytec also works with a healthy channel of Belden® Certified System Vendors (system integrators and installers), dealers and provincial resellers.

Sytec Corporation’s journey has been fruitful and challenging. Always looking forward, the company aims to solidify its hold among its stakeholders with good customer relations, competitively priced products and value-added services. And ultimately, Sytec will continue to strive for excellent customer satisfaction.

Sytec Corporation's Brief History

1997 – date of establishment; carried electronic parts and components

1999 – shifted into cables and wires products including Belden, Times Fiber Communications (TFC) and Commscope

2003 – became an official authorized distributor of Belden Cables and Wires; OEM supplier for select clients

2011 – Belden awarded our company as an APxC Star Partner (only 3 in SEA)

2012 – Sytec expands Belden product lines to include AV connectors, tools and IBDN Network Components

Belden Distributorship

-Active status as Authorized Distributor of Belden Cable and Wire Company

-Target quotas met every year

-60 day credit terms with excellent standing (zero balance as of date)

-Current inventory of over 300 line items with estimated worth of Php 65 Million

Business Practices

Dedication to the Brand We Carry

We value our relationship with our principal suppliers well and focus on their products’ promotion

We do not practice parallel importation of similar products

Transparency and maintaining perceived quality and value of the brand we carry

Efficiency in Operations

Quick response to requests for quotation, inquiries and the like

Prompt delivery of goods – within 2 business days at most (except indent orders)

First hand information on stock availability, order status and delivery schedule

Value Added Services

Consultation (Technical and Commercial)

Assistance to the Systems Integrators and End Users

Provision of supporting documents and materials for products

New product demonstrations and Belden sponsored roadshows and training

Business Integrity and Etiquette

All our items are legally imported with all duties and taxes fully paid

Clean track record with the BIR

All purchases are paid fully using bank and BSP facilities