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Sytec Corporation
Sytec Corporation
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  • Why Your Warehouse Needs an OT Network to Meet Future Demands

    Is your material handling facility ready to embrace the future of automation and efficiency? Discover how deploying an Operational Technology (OT) network can revolutionize your warehouse operations through:
    Gains in operational efficiency
    Increased revenue capture
    Strengthened cybersecurity
    IT-OT convergence
    Enhanced real-time visibility

    Digital Transformation and the Mass Transit Industry

    Digital transformation brings the power of automation and data analytics to mass transit rail systems. Mass transit systems present challenges. Their complex infrastructure, high user concentrations, and broad geographic scope demand robust solutions. Riders expect comfort, ontime performance, and safety – at a minimum. Modern riders want seamless connectivity and data security, too.
    Belden’s Connected Rail Solution provides everything you need to meet these demands.
  • As More EVs Hit the Road, Charging Stations Must Become the Priority

    Around the world, more and more electric vehicles are hitting the road. But as EVs become the standard for transportation, the right EV charging infrastructure needs to be in place to accommodate this massive change in the way people travel. It’s no longer a question of when to implement charging stations, but how.

    Currently, the number of public charging stations falls far short of what is needed to support EV-only sales. For example, in the United States, only 5% of the country’s EVs can be charged at any one time.

    Driving the Future: Revolutionizing Road Travel with Intelligent Traffic Systems

    Over the last decade, more cities, municipalities, state authorities and private-sector businesses are deploying intelligent traffic system (ITS) solutions to change the way society moves.

    Many times, smart roads—empowered by ITS solutions—are just one component of a smart city or smart region. They add another layer of connectivity and data to help intelligent environments improve efficiency, safety and quality of life.
    In this white paper, you can expect to learn from Belden experts about:
    Where ITS Is Used: Examples of Intelligent Traffic Systems in Action
    Making Road Travel Smarter, Safer and More Efficient
  • Power Companies: How to Maximize Your Legacy Networks While Minimizing Downtime

    How do you build a unified and converged infrastructure while dealing with your existing network and legacy equipment—without compromising performance, availability or security?

    With demand increases, worker shortages and the challenging mix of legacy and new equipment, this may seem like a bad time to think about your utility’s digital transformation. But quite the opposite is true: now is the ideal time to plan for what’s to come.

    You don’t need to know how—or where—to start. Belden’s in-house industry experts have decades of experience in successfully planning and executing migrations that help utilities prepare for the future while maximizing current investments in legacy technology.

    Shielded or Unshielded Cable: What's the Right Choice?

    Balanced twisted-pair cabling (also known as Category cabling or Ethernet cabling) has its roots in telephone wiring. Over the past several decades, however, it has permeated the market in other ways.

    On a daily basis, it’s being introduced in applications that range from AV and broadcasting to 5G and Wi-Fi—applications that have rarely used balanced twisted-pair cabling to deliver power or data until now. Today, nearly every technology or type of environment can make use of balanced twisted-pair copper cabling systems.

Featured Products

  • Belden IBDN Structured Cabling Components

    Category-5e, 6, and 6A Solutions
    Used in companies like Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and US government agencies like NASA

    New Generation® Fire Alarm Cables

    Unshielded and Shielded, Multi-Conductor models
    ABS models available
    Designed by US State Fire Marshalls
  • Belden A/V Connectors and Tools

    Radial Bubble Compression Type Connectors
    Special Tools (Compression Tool, Universal Cable Strippers)
    Broadcast Grade

    Industrial Fieldbus And
    Ethernet Cables

    Belden Fieldbus & Ethernet cables are designed to withstand the destructive conditions commonly found in industrial applications, such as temperature extremes, humidity/moisture, dust and oil. Invest in cable with proven performance and reliability to significantly reduce system failures and avoid costly downtime.
  • Audio/Video Cables

    Broadcast Cables
    Security, CCTV and CATV Cables
    Broadcast Grade

    Outdoor Rated Network FTP Cables

    UL CMX/CMR Outdoor Rated Cables
    Used in telecommunications companies and industrial area installations
    Sunlight, oil and UV resistant jackets
  • Enterprise Solutions

    Belden Enterprise Connectivity products deliver the signal transmission solutions that provide the advanced performance and reliability needed to support mission-critical information systems, advanced communications networks, premise security systems, and building automation and control systems.

    Broadcast Solutions​

    Belden Enterprise Connectivity products deliver the signal transmission solutions that provide the advanced performance and reliability needed to support mission-critical information systems, advanced communications networks, premise security systems, and building automation and control systems.
  • Industrial Cabling Solutions​

    Belden has brought together a comprehensive line of industrial cabling products offering the most reliable interconnectivity solutions for your application.

    Industrial Networking (INET)

    Whether you are networking your devices to the controllers, connecting the controllers to the control room, relaying data between the control room, the engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites – or all of the above – Belden has the products you need to seamlessly connect your communications.

How We Work

Company Goal

Sytec Corporation aspires to become the leading distributor of Belden® cables and wires and complementary products in the Philippines. It aims to continually establish stronger business relationships with existing clients and further expand its customer network by providing competitively-priced products and value-added services.

In order to empower its clients in meeting their own commitments, the company strives to respond to inquiries in the fastest possible time and deliver genuine, high-performance products with guaranteed promptness. In the future, the company envisions its expansion by introducing more new Belden® products in the local market and by carrying other products that can build end-to-end solutions for various industries.

Customer Satisfaction

Sytec Corporation aims to deliver genuine, high-performance products with guaranteed promptness and competitive prices. To provide assurance of dedicated service and support before and after sales. To give flexibility according to customer needs.

Brand History

Founded more than 100 years ago by Mr. Joseph Belden. Belden and Cable Wire Co. designs and manufactures wire and cable products for various applications. The company has worldwide manufacturing facilities including the USA, Canada, China, Mexico, and Europe.

Sytec Corporation and its Clients